About us
Precision protection Group (PPG) offers Security of the highest standards and your safety is our concern.

We are fully licenced and specialise in cash in transit services and includes the secure collection, transportation and processing of cash, cheques and other valuables for our clients. We comply with all aspects of the WorkCover Code of Practice, a risk assessment is conducted of each site which ensure the cash is deposited correctly as per client request.

Master Licence: 000104084
Training Licence: 412134486
Your safety is our concern, we offer a full range of security services. All our guards are highly experienced, have up to date training and are in compliance with the NSW Security Regulations and NSW Firearms Regulations. Contact us to find out more.

  • Precious cargo and valuables from jewellery to documents.
  • Fully trained armed guard as per your requirements, both covert and overt
  • Private functions - RSA certified.
Contact us to find out more about the fully approved courses we offer. Our trainers are highly skilled and have more than 20 years experience in the field.

  • Firearm accreditation and annual re-accredition
  • Firearms safety training
  • Baton and handcuff
  • Spontaneous knife defence
  • First aid course
  • Newcastle NSW, Australia
  • PO Box 189, Hunter Region MC, NSW 2310